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Valve Lifter Set Solid Roller Cam CRA-28570-16

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Your Price: $800.00
Set of 16 Solid Roller Lifters
Part Number: CRA-28570-16
Availability: Back Order.

"Ultra-Pro" solid roller lifters are engineered to operate flawlessly in ultra-high spring pressure environments, and designed for use with the most radical camshaft profiles. The bodies are FEA-engineered to provide an optimum balance of superior strength at minimum weight. Crane's race-proven Bearing-Focused oil system features small channels in the lifter body to lubricate the needle bearings. The roller wheel/bearing/axle combinations are optimized per lifter diameter (i.e. .904 diameter lifter has an .815 diameter wheel). 

  • Application: Oldsmobile V8 260 - 455
  • Diameter: .842"
  • Seat Height: 1.705
  • Quantity: 16

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