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Valve Lifter Set Solid Flat Tappet Cam CRA-99250-16

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Your Price: $109.00
Set of 16 Solid Flat Tappet Lifters
Part Number: CRA-99250-16
Availability: Back Order.

Mechanical "solid" lifters should be used in applications when hydraulic cams would surpass their maximum RPM potential. Mechanical lifters have no hydraulic mechanism to pump-up. Theoretically, with the correct cam and engine components, a mechanical lifter cam has an RPM potential of 8,000-8,500.

Mechanical lifters are noisier than hydraulics. The engine must have an adjustable valve train system. Valve lash must be set, periodically checked, and maintained.  (Can NOT be used on a hydraulic design cam.)

  • Application: Oldsmobile V8 260 - 455
  • Diameter: .842"
  • Seat Height: 1.560"
  • Quantity: 16

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