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Timing Chain Set Billet

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Your Price: $155.00
Billet all-steel timing chain set
Part Number: DMR-80975-1
Availability: Back Order.

Billet all-steel timing chain set. Fits 330-350-400-425-455 Oldsmobile engines. Recommended for high performance or racing applications.

This timing set is also available drilled for additional advance/retard

Designed on the latest in X-Y-Z measuring equipment available for accuracy, this degreed camshaft sprocket has multiple dowel pin holes for advancing cams 2-4-6-8 degrees or retarding cams 2-4-6-8 degrees. No need for offset bushings. Used with a two piece front cover, part number DMR-5282-S, camshaft timing can be easily and quickly changed at the track for immediate testing and results. Fits 330-350-400-425-455 Oldsmobile engines. 

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