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Technical Help Oldsmobile

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Your Price: $75.00
Oldsmobile technical help to non established customers.
Part Number: DMR-TECH
Availability: Back Order.

As the world has been brought closer together with the internet and its great shopping tools some feel the need to shop for price only and then look elsewhere for technical help when the company they bought their parts from cannot answer their technical questions. Or some shop around for free technical help and then buy their parts at the cheapest location possible. Even the large mail order companies with their lack of technical experience refer their customers to me to solve their problems. Because the technical aspect of our business has gotten out of hand with people wanting me to design their engines and solve their technical needs I now charge $75.00 (1 time only) to all non customers for technical information. This 1 time $75.00 is for technical only calls and refundable on your first order over $75.00. You can either send a check or I can put it on a credit card or you can order it on line at dickmillerracing.com in the order department. You will not be charged the shipping charge that will show. Once I have the $75.00 payment I can help you with technical advice or put it toward your first purchase over $75.00.

Thank you


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