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Starter Mini Powermaster XS Torque

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Your Price: $208.00
XS Torque Mini Starter for engines with up to 18.0:1 compression ratio
Part Number: DMR-9510
Availability: Back Order.

Powermaster XS Torque starters feature extra-powerful motors that churn out up to 200 ft.-lbs. of torque. Coupled with their 4.4:1 gear-reduction ratio, that adds up to reliable cranking power for engines, up to a whopping 18.0:1 compression ratio. These starters come with a billet adapter/mounting block for durability. They'll also clear your oil pan if the OE starter did. Clears all headers.Fits Oldsmobile and Pontiac. Starter bolts and shims included. This is the starter our DMR headers were built around.

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