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Oil Pan Baffle .125.

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Oil pan baffel .125.
Part Number: DMR-5301-2
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This oil pan baffle eliminates most of the oil climbing up and sloshing around the rear of the oil pan. This baffle helps keeps the oil off of the crankshaft counterweights and rods. The baffle fits between the oil pump and rear main cap. A must to help keep the oil in the sump area of the pan under hard acceleration. Fits all Olds engines, 330, 350, 403, 400, 425 and 455. Lazer cut from .125" stainless steel. Designed to use when installing DMR-22361 or DMR22362 5 cap girdles in S/B or B/B applications to bring the rear cap up to the level of the other 4 caps.


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