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Oil Pan 7 Quart.

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7 quart 1 deep oil pan.
Part Number: DMR-30305
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7 quart 1 deep oil pan. Fits all Oldsmobile V-8 engines 64 to Present except Toronado. Use DMR-HVHD-1 oil pump. Designed for street and strip use providing the increased oil capacity that is an absolute requirement to handle the demands of higher RPM and increased horsepower, especially one with the large main bearing sizes of an Oldsmobile. This pan holds 7 quarts and with the filter the engine will hold 7.5 to 8 quarts of oil. I use this pan on performance/race engines I build. This is plenty of oil for most applications. Use DMR-5110 oil pump shim if you are running loose bearing clearances. Will work with DMR headers. Pictured is DMR-30305-S.

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