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Heads Edelbrock Pair 350-400-403-425-455

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Edelbrock Performer Heads Sold and Priced By The Pair
Part Number: EDE-60519
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We offer Edelbrock heads in many configurations. If you dont see what you want please call for a price quote. Edelbrock is presently the only head manufacturer with a HIGH quality casting MADE IN THE USA. They can be purchased set up for flat tappet cams or hydraulic roller cams and include rocker studs plus guide plates or they can be purchased bare. If we are porting the heads we can set them up for a mechanical roller cam. On max CNC porting we can also install up to 2.190 intake valves and 1.68 exhaust valves. They come set up for 7/16 head studs, 7/16 rocker studs and 3/8 pushrods. They can be modified for ½ head studs.

These heads can be ported to achieve the following approximate flow numbers. As a rule of thumb an engine should make horsepower twice the flow rate of the intake runners. The head pictured has been hand ported and shows the polished combustion chambers.

Flow at .600 lift
Stock at 600 lift I = 268/259 E = 188 good for approximately 518 horsepower
Hand ported at 600 lift I = .305/299 E = 194 good for approximately 598 horsepower
CNC ported at 600 Lift I = 330/323 E = 202 good for approximately 646 horsepower
CNC ported heads on a  496 Cubic Inch engine with a fairly mild hydraulic roller cam will easily make 640 horsepower and 640 torque.

Be sure to pick the desired thickness of Cometic head gaskets. These are the only head gaskets that I have seen work repeatedly on aluminum heads. DO NOT use the Felpro #1155 head gaskets as recommended by Edelbrock. They will fail.

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