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Heads Competition Ported Cast Iron

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Competition Ported Cast Iron Heads Sold and Priced By The Pair
Part Number: DMR-3003
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Street/Strip porting includes grinding and shaping valve pockets and short side radius, removing the EGR bumps and polishing the combustion chambers, 3 angle valve job grind plus machining for oversized stainless valves, raising the intake port roof, shape and teardrop the intake and exhaust valve guides and blend the exhaust throat after removing the EGR bump. All heads are resurfaced and fully assembled with new hydraulic cam springs. 

Backet porting includes the DMR-3001 options plus widening and shaping exhaust throats, raising the intake port roof, port and shape the intake mouth, filling the heat riser with zinc alloy and welding exhaust divider.

Competition porting includes the DMR-3001 and DMR-3002 options plus drilling and chamfering pushrod holes and sleeve when necessary, extra widening of and blending of all ports for maximum flow, drilling and tapping for 7/16" stud and machining for guide plates.

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