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Driveshaft Chrome Moly 1310,1330, 1350 & 3R Series

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Custom chrome moly driveshaft with slip yoke and heavy duty U-joints
Part Number: DMR-7027
Availability: In Stock.
New chrome moly 1310,1330, 1350 & 3R series driveshaft with heavy duty U-joints.  Includes slip yoke and balanced.  Made from 4130 3" x .065" chrome moly.  All steel yokes are 4000 series Dana yokes.  16-26 pounds per shaft average.  Max length 3.0" = 52".  Max length 3.5" = 68". Also available "Rifle Drilled" for weight savings and quicker E.T.


As all our driveshafts come with new slip yokes I suggest you first order the driveshaft. We will ship you a new slip yoke to install in the transmission. Take your measurement, return the new yoke with the measurements in writing, and we will make the shaft and then return it to you fully assembled and balanced.

 When making your measurements the car must be at its normal ride height. Measure on the floor. DO NOT measure with the wheels hanging down from a hoist or jack stands. The proper measurement must be taken as if the car is fully loaded and running down the road to insure proper driveshaft length. 

Install the new yoke into the back of the transmission, push it all the way in, then pull it back 1.0. With the help of a friend measure the center to center of the front u-joint and the rear u-joint on the differential. It is sometimes difficult to guess where the centerline of a u-joint is. By moving to the rear of the slip yoke u-joint and measuring to the rear of the differential u-joint it is the same as measuring center to center. 

You must fax or write us with the proper centerline to centerline dimension and your signature. 


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