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Crankshaft Windage Tray 350-455

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Full-length stainless steel formed windage.
Part Number: DMR-5850
Availability: In Stock.

Full-length laser cut stainless steel formed windage tray for all Olds engines. Tray fits crankshaft counterweights so snugly no skimmer baffle is needed. Fits all oil pans except Toronado pans. Tray fits all Olds engines, 330, 350, 403, 400, 425 and 455. DMR-5860 or DMR-5870 stud kit required for installation. This tray adds horsepower and longer engine life by removing excessive oil from the reciprocating crankshaft assembly. If using with main studs and straps use ARP-184-5401-SW or ARP-185-5401-SW main stud and strap kit. Will work with DMR 4 or 5 cap main stud girdles. With girdle use ARP-185-5401-G or ARP-184-5401-G.

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