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Crankshaft Rotating Assy 496 B/B Steel

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Oldsmobile steel crankshaft rotating assemblies.
Part Number: DMR-5467-S
Availability: In Stock.

DMR "S" kits are built with forged cranks and billet "H" beam Oliver rods SFI flexplate and SFI Damper. The DMR custom steel crank kit come with custom pistons made to any compression or any ring combination. Includes forged steel crank, Diamond 1/16 - 3/16 forged pistons, billet steel "H" beam rods, pins, file fit rings, drilled and coated main bearings, coated rod bearings, SFI damper, and SFI flexplate. These kits are cross drilled and balanced. You will need to state compression and bore desired. Call for more info.


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