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Crankshaft Pilot Bearing Adapter

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Stick shift pilot bearing adapter.
Part Number: DMR-5022
Availability: In Stock.

Stick shift pilot bearing adapter. A new solution to an old problem. Convert a GM automatic transmission crankshaft to a manual shift crank without taking the crank out of the block. Knurled for a sure fit with self alignment for a perfect fit and smooth running and shifting. Requires modest shortening of input shaft with common tools or rough drilling the crankshaft. Also for engines that are using a midplate resulting in the transmission being moved rearward and not engaging the stock pilot bearing far enough. Fits Oldsmobile 260-455, Buick 350-455, Cadillac 400-500, Pontiac 326-455, and Chevrolet 305-502.

TECH TIP: To properly install either DMR-5022 coat the knurled edges with red Loctite before driving the bearing into the crank.

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