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Camshaft Hydraulic Roller COM-42-602-9

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Thumpr Hydraulic Roller Cam - Oldsmobile V8 299/319
Part Number: COM-42-602-9
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Thumpr hydraulic flat tappet and roller camshafts are the hottest cam series to hit the streets in more than a decade. Street rodders and muscle car enthusiasts just cant get enough of the incredible exhaust sound and equally impressive performance delivered by these innovative camshafts. Applying a new camshaft design they incorporate early exhaust opening, long duration and a generous amount of intake and exhaust overlap to maximize your engines nasty-idle characteristics without negatively impacting power or street ability.              

[email protected]          [email protected]        Gross/Lift        Lobe/Sep

243/257            299/319           .552/.537         107

BIG MUTHA THUMPR Street/strip, rough idle, needs 9.5:1 compression, 2800+ converter, intake, gears and headers. Requires bronze distributor gear. Power range S/B 2500-6400 B/B 2300-6200.

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