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Camshaft Hydraulic Flat Tappet DMR-1530

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Dyno Proven Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam - Oldsmobile V8 274/286
Part Number: DMR-1530
Availability: In Stock.

The following special custom cams have been dynoed and the proven horsepower/torque numbers are listed. All require an adjustable valve train.  

[email protected]          [email protected]        Gross/Lift        Lobe/Sep

230/236           274/286           .522/.522         112/108

This hydraulic flat tappet cam in a 461 cu in 455 Olds engine with DMR cast iron B/B ported heads made 486.9 horsepower @ 5100 RPM and 600 torque @ 3800 RPM using 10.3 compression on 91 octane pump gas. Excellent for performance street use. Needs  with 2000 converter and 3.23+ gears in a heavy car.

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